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Moira Patience Trilogy Rings

Why Choose a Trilogy Engagement Ring?

What’s a Trilogy Ring?

The Trilogy Ring is without a doubt my most popular style of engagement ring. Also known as a 3-stone ring or a trinity ring, the Trilogy Ring basically features three stones set in a row to symbolise a couple's past, present, and future together. 

  Moira Patience Trilogy engagement Ring


Why choose a Trilogy Ring?

It's a timeless classic, yet the design has endless possibilities for customisation allowing us space to add design flourishes and personalisation such as hidden gemstones and hand engraving.


Moira Patience Trilogy engagement Ring


A fresh take...

Traditionally the stones are diamonds of the same cut, but we often use unusual gems and cuts for a fresh take on the classic design. You can also use the colour and cut of the side stones to contrast and elevate the main stone. The trio of gems gives a beautiful balance and symmetry to a design that I absolutely love. 


Moira Patience Trilogy engagement RingMoira Patience Trilogy engagement Ring

Looking for Inspiration?

If you’re looking for Inspiration for your own Trilogy Ring design, have a look at out past commissions or head over to our Pinterest board.

The Bespoke Experience


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