Our Latest Jewellery Commissions

Remodelled Diamond Cluster Ring

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Bespoke Remodelled Diamond Cluster Ring in Edinburgh

Sometimes it's hard to know what older diamonds will be like when you take them out of their original setting... I had quite a surprise with...

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Remodelled Diamond Ring in Platinum

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Remodelling Bespoke Platinum and Diamond Ring in Edinburgh

A stunning remount of five old cut diamonds (all funny shapes and sizes) into a modern, crisp setting in platinum.  A lovely robust ring for a very...

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Platinum Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Bespoke Commission Platinum Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring Edinburgh

A gentleman came to me with the most beautiful minty green emerald he had sourced in Columbia to set into an engagement ring for his wife to be...

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