Our Latest Jewellery Commissions

Moonstone & Diamond Cocktail Ring

Moira Patience Jewellery Bespoke Moonstone and Diamond Ring Edinburgh

A client came to me with some very sentimental diamonds to remount and whilst she was in my studio I showed her this amazing moonstone...

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Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Patience Jewellery Bespoke Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Edinburgh

I was so excited when this couple asked me source a grey diamond for them - I had wanted to work with one for ages. I managed to find this beauty...

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Remodelled Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

Patience Jewellery Bespoke Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

The beautiful central sapphire in this ring was taken from an old fashion setting and remodelled with some loose diamonds the client had into...

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