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Moira Patience Halo Ring

Why Choose a Halo Engagement Ring?

What’s a Halo ring?

I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but a halo design is basically when you have smaller gemstones, traditionally diamonds, set around the outside of a central gemstone. Personally, I love how the halo can elevate a central gemstone and create a much bigger ‘look’ with a vast amount of sparkle.

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Bespoke Halo Engagement Ring 

Why choose a Halo ring?

The halo is a tried and tested setting that gives any piece of jewellery more sparkle and it can also be a good way to give a more vulnerable gemstone such as an emerald or salt and pepper diamond an extra layer of protection.

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Bespoke Halo Engagement Ring

A fresh take...

You can’t beat a classic diamond halo for timeless beauty, or for showing off your main gemstone to the fullest. Once seen as quite a traditional style (think Princess Diana’s engagement ring) there are many ways that you can create a fresh take on this style - perhaps by changing the type of setting used, or the colour and shape of the gemstones.

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery Bespoke Halo Engagement Ring


Which stones work best?

Traditionally diamonds are used for the halo, but we’ve had the pleasure of creating some really exciting halo ring designs for our clients using unusual gemstones such grey diamonds, red spinel, pink diamonds and blue sapphires to name just a few.

If you’re looking for Inspiration for your own halo ring design, have a look at out 
past commissions or head over to our Pinterest board.

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