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How to Personalise Your Wedding Rings

How to Personalise Your Wedding Rings

One of the best parts of my job as a bespoke jewellery designer is getting to know my clients. Every couple I meet has a unique story and I love using your narrative to incorporate extra special personal details into my designs to make your wedding rings as individual as you are.



Keep it Simple

A special date, initials, a location or a wee message can all be engraved on the inside of your wedding rings. Often my clients write the sweetest messages.

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Hand-engraving is an art; like painting on metal with texture and depth. Whether it’s an entirely engraved wedding band or a wee symbol on the inside of the band, beautiful hand-engraving is a wonderful way to add personal touches and takes bespoke to a whole new level.

 Moira Patience Wedding Rings

Textured Finish

Over the years we’ve developed a selection of signature textures. Often inspired by nature, texture can add a lovely organic and warm feeling to your wedding rings. We can also hand-engrave bespoke textures too.

 Moira Patience Wedding Rings

Hidden Gemstones

There’s something delightful and luxurious about a hidden gemstone - it’s such a lovely personal detail. We often set gemstones to the inside of the wedding band so that nobody knows they’re there but you. It could be a birthstone or another sentimental gem.

Moira Patience Wedding Rings  

What can be personalised?

Engraving, textures and hidden gemstones can be added to most of our made-to-order and bespoke wedding rings, but these details are more effective on wider bands - and obviously the thinner the band the less space there is to work with.


Personalisation Takes Longer

If you’re in a hurry, it’s worth noting that these extra personal details will take a wee bit longer. However, they can be added at any point during the process or even after your wedding so it’s always worth getting in touch to see what we can do within your timeframe.

If you’d like to discuss adding personal touches to your wedding rings you can send an email to or call us in the showroom on 0131 526 3279.

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