Wedding Rings

Our wedding rings are available to order today in the existing designs or customised with your choice of metal and gemstone combinations. We can also add personal touches such as hidden gemstones or hand-engraving. Our wedding rings are all designed to fit beautifully with and around our Signature Styles engagement rings.

We keep an example of each of these rings in stock and invite you to the showroom to try them on and see which style complements your engagement ring the best.



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Bespoke Engraving

Personalise your wedding ring with our bespoke hand-engraving service.

We can incorporate initials, dates, different languages, wedding dress patterns and even use your personal narrative to inspire the design. 

Prices start from £750

Signature Finishes

We offer a range of unique signature finishes which can be applied to your wedding ring. These unique textures really bring the piece to life.

Hidden Gemstones

We can even sneak wee hidden gemstones into your wedding rings adding an extra special personal touch.

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