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Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

I often talk about serendipity and gemstones… It sounds daft, but it’s true! My client was looking for a showstopper Aquamarine and I showed her a selection which she really liked, but just felt she hadn’t found ‘the one’. So I made some calls and stumbled across this 19x8mm beauty! My supplier had had it a while and had always been curious who would end up with it… and here we have it!

The length of the stone is mesmerising - it packs such a punch. We didn’t use diamonds on the shoulders, but instead polished metal to create flashes of light against the blue. I was so happy with how it turned out and it lookes amazing on my client too!


Bespoke aquamarine cocktail ringBespoke aquamarine cocktail ringBespoke aquamarine cocktail ringBespoke aquamarine cocktail ring

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