Jewellery Valuation

Comprehensive Valuation Service

Moira Patience Fine Jewellery & Lee-ona Long FJVA FGA DGA are delighted to be able to begin offering clients a comprehensive valuation service on the last Saturday of each month, starting the 31st of May 2021.

All your jewellery will be scheduled by Lee-ona on the same day, in the privacy and comfort of our showroom with your valuation paperwork being posted out to you thereafter.

Moira and her team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your jewellery, whether you are looking for repair work or remodelling.



Report Creation Fee - £80.00
Gem Set item - £80.00
Non Gem Set item - £50.00

Watches - from £50.00 each
(Additional Verification & Authentication fee will be applied to exceptional time pieces)

Low value, grouped items (Usually £500.00 each and below) £100.00 per heading. Listed under one heading (maximum 5 items per heading)

Exceptional Item - £180.00 upwards
- larger diamonds from 1.50ct, that require extensive research
- items that have numerous stones of various species or sizes which require multiple calculations and researched assessments.

Optional Extras
Express Service - As above plus 25%

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