Patience Jewellery Remodelling Edinburgh


Create new memories from much loved old ones

Many of our bespoke commissions involve remodelling old jewellery. It could be jewellery that you no longer wear or perhaps you have inherited something that you'd like to revamp. Remodelling jewellery is the perfect way to transform these old pieces into something that you can wear everyday and cherish forever.

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Patience Jewellery remodelling old jewellery into something special


“Moira sensitively designed the perfect pieces for each of my daughters from their Grandmother's jewellery. New memories made from much loved old ones. Absolutely perfect. Thank you."


Complimentary Consultation

If you have any jewellery lurking in drawers that deserves to be showcased and cherished then please get in touch to arrange a private consultation in our showroom. If you'd prefer to discuss your requirements by phone, call Moira for some professional advice.

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